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In this post we will cover all the details and considerations taken to make for a successful deployment of a product or service leveraging the Redis Enterprise TimeSeries Module.

We will walk through:

  • Identifying a problem area that TimeSeries can fix
  • Laying out the path to success by
  • Setting Up the proper instance in Azure
  • Understanding the TimeSeries Module features
  • Key/Data Topology
  • Planning for creating data sets that are downsampled for quick aggregation

Where TimeSeries Module Fits In

Leveraging the TimeSeries Module you are likely engaged in some level of analytics. Analytics is the power food for intelligent decision-making. Finding a place where the TimeSeries…

Everyone that I have worked with loves Redis. It is a highly effective tool used as a database, cache, pubsub, and many other things. It is highly optimized and enjoyed success for 10 years in its space. Redis’s ease of use and intense scalability make it a must use in my opinion. So how could Redis Labs improve Redis? Take on a strategic partnership with Microsoft Azure and roll out the Redis Enterprise tier!

Redis Enterprise Better on Azure

Redis Labs thinks latency is the new downtime and they mean business with Redis Enterprise! …

Dustin Brown

Director of Technology for SitePro Corporation, husband, father of twins, and volunteer. Life long technology advocate.

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